JNTUH B.Tech Percentage Calculator R13 Students For All Branches

Many of the Students are Worrying about the  how to calculate B tech Percentage when they got their marks Memo or when ever any JNTUH resultsreleased So In order to over come those problem for all the students here we are updating an easy percentage calculator to check their Examination Marks Status and also to calculate their Percentage and Also Aggregate  and this simple excellent calculator is designed for all the R13 Regulation Students

This file shows graphical representation of percentage of each year, Credits achieved, Total marks and percentage of each semester and many more.Just add your  marks & check your statistics.

Download Latest B.Tech Percentage Calculator – Download Link

Note :
1. Just enter internal & external marks in the above excel sheet. The calculator gives the final percentage for best of 216 credits out of 224 credits according to R13 academic regulations. Don’t delete any rows or columns or marks from the excel sheet

See B.Tech Percentage Calculator is Designed for all the Students  so please make use of this Calculator and get your accurate percentage Quickly and Fastly

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