Jamabandi (ROR) & copy of Jamabandi (Nakal) online through Apna Khata Rajasthan

This article will provide you information about what is Apna Khata? How can you check your jamabandi and how you can get the copy of Jamabandi online?

Apna Khata was introduced in 2013 by Rajasthan Government and it was the remarkable project by state Government. Apna Khata is a portal service to encourage E-infrastructure and thereby provide all records of land available at the door step of the people in Rajasthan. These land records show the name of the owner of the land, area of the land, khasra no. etc.

What is ApnaKhata?

In the year 2013, The Rajasthan State has started providing online records of land and this service was named as Apna Khata. This program was developed by National Informatics Center (NIC).The Apan Khata is a portal service which keeps the records of Right of Land, jamabandi, khasra, revenue, etc. Earlier this records were maintained manually in chausala format by patwari (The Village Accountant known as Patwari), of the village.

After the launch of ApnaKhata the manual process of preparing the Chausala is completely abolished. Now the Patwari in the field uses computerized Chausala.  However, the process of providing manual copies of jamabandi (RoR) in the field by Patwari is still in practice. Both the systems exist simultaneously. The duplication of data is also being maintained at the district level for all the Tehsils pertaining to a district for backup purpose.

How can you check jamabandi get jamabandi nakal online through ApnaKhata?

Now, let’s understand the step by step procedure to be followed to check your jamabandi and how to get the copy of jamabandi (जमाबन्दी नकल).

  1. Go to the link apnakhata.raj.nic.in.
  2. Choose your district (जिला) on the map simply by clicking on it.
  3. Choose your town (तहसील या तालुका) from the given drop down list.
  4. Choose your locality or city (गाँव).
  5. Here you will find the options like khata se (खातासे- through account),       khasara se (   खसरे से-through Land registered No.) , naam se  ( नाम से-by name )and samast khate (सम्स्त खाते- all accounts).
  6. Click samast khate.
  7. You will find the list of the owners of the land (जमाबंदी धारक) which is registered in government records.
  8.  Now click on the name of owner of the land and you will find detailed information in the box on right side of the page.
  9. If you want to have copy of this jamabandi then double click on the information appeared in the box on right side or click the option get the print (नकल प्राप्त करें).
  10. A new window will appear on your screen with the detailed record of the land i.e copy of jamabandi in PDF format you can either save this or get the print of the same.
  11. You can click on the print option to get the copy of the jamabandi.


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