Aadhar Card Registration at APNA CSC

This article will provide you information regarding what is Aadhar Card? Why do you need to have your Aadhar Card? How can you apply for Aadhar Card through Apna CSC? And how can you register Aadhar Card through Apna CSC?

Besides providing delivery of electronic services Apna CSC works as an agent of The Government. It makes all the information accessible in rural areas. Various Government, as well as Public services, is made available at the door step of the people leaving in rural areas and villages in India through Apna CSC. Various Government services like Birth/ Death Certificate, downloading, and submission of various forms, income tax, Property tax, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, bus pass, railway ticket, passport, licenses, permit, subsidies etc.

Here by with this article, we will discuss the Aadhar Card service through Apna CSC.  Before proceeding further you must need to know some important introductory information related to Aadhar Card. Let’s have a glance at this information.

What is Aadhar Card and why do you need to have your Aadhar Card?

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), a central government agency of India issues 12-digit unique identity number to each and every citizen of India this is called Aadhar Card. This project is world’s largest national identification number project. Aadhar Card is a valid proof of identity and address, anywhere in India.

Any citizen of India, who is a resident in India and qualifies the simple verification process required by the UIDAI, irrespective of age (1 year and above) and gender can enroll for Aadhar Card. One can enroll for Aadhar car voluntarily at free of cost. Though Aadhar Card is not mandatory yet but in coming time it can be projected as a mandatory Identification proof.

It is a very effective proof of identity and address to get various facilities and schemes of Government like subsidies on domestic gas, Ration, etc. or for voter Card application, passport applications, PAN Card application, applying for a visa, an opening of bank account or another day to day needs anywhere in India.

How can you apply for Aadhar Card through Apna CSC?

In order to get Aadhar Card registration, an applicant needs to enroll him/her for Aadhar Card at the Apna CSC center. These centers are located regionally. Apna CSC which is authorized by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) provide the services related to Aadhar Card. You need to visit this enrollment center i.e. Apna CSC physically along with the required documents for the formalities of the process. Enrolment of Aadhar Card requires submission of a few documents such as age proof, address proof, and verification of details like, biometric and Iris scans.

Here are the steps to enroll and register for Aadhar Card through Apna CSC.

  1.  You need to visit Your nearest CSC center.
  2. VLE at Apna CSC will download the Enrolment form through https://uidai.gov.in/images/Aadhar_enrolment_correction_form_version_2.1.pdf.
  3. He will fill the form correctly with the help of valid documents such as of identity proof and Address proof etc. provided by an applicant.
  4. VLE will collect and record your Biometric data i.e. your fingerprints and iris record for enrolment purpose.
  5. Once VLE fills the form completely, collects the documents, and records the Biometric data you will be issued an Enrolment ID.
  6. You must save this Enrolment ID. With this Enrolment ID, you can check the status of your Aadhar Card anytime.
  7. Once Enrolment ID is generated through UIDAI portal, this means you have successfully applied for Aadhar Card.
  8. After applying for your Aadhar Card, it can take time span up to 3 months to process your Aadhar Application.

How can you check the status of Aadhar Card?

  • You can anytime visit CSC center to check the latest status of your Aadhar Card.
  • You need to carry your Enrolment ID with you.
  • In case your Enrollment Slip (Enrollment Number or ID) is lost, VLE can look it up online on the UIDAI web portal.
  • VLE will check the status through https://resident.uidai.gov.in/check-Aadhar-status.
  • A status check query will show you the status as In Process or Dispatched. This status check will also give you the tracking ID to track the delivery.
  • In case if your status check shows any of Rejected, Not Found or Can’t be processed due to technical reasons, VLE need to re-apply your Aadhar Card application.

How Can you get your Aadhar Card at Apna CSC

An applicant can print their Aadhar Cards through the Apna CSC. Print of Aadhar Card through the CSCs is available in 3 formats, as per the infrastructure available at the CSC.

These formats are 1. A4 80GSM paper, Black & White print 2. Present Aadhar Letter format in color and 3. Polyvinyl chloride Card or equivalent.

VLE at Apna CSC will follow the below-mentioned procedure to get the copy of your Aadhar Card

  1. VLE will download the Aadhar Card through http://apna.csc.gov.in/attachments/article/271/usermanual.pdf
  2.  Here VLE will fill the required details as follows.
  3.  VLE needs to validate the signature of an applicant. To validate the signature this link opens a popup guideline to validate the signature.
  4. Next, VLE needs to enter 14 digits enrolment number given on enrolment slip.
  5. Fill Enrolment date & time as per given in enrolment slip. Date & time must be filled in required format only i.e. for date “dd/mm/yyyy, and for time hh: mm: ss” format.
  6. Now fill the full name of the applicant as per mentioned on enrolment slip.
  7. Fill the Pin code of resident as per mentioned on enrolment slip.
  8. Enter the text shown in the image above the text box.
  9. After filling this form click on Pay button.
  10. Pay button will validate the filled information and redirects user to the payment gateway for payment.
  11.  After successful payment, the new page will appear.
  12. Click on Download your e-Aadhar option.
  13. Print the downloaded pdf file.
  14. Click on Print Slip option and get the print of the downloaded pdf file.

This is how Apna CSC provides the Aadhar Card service.


1.This E Aadhar Card would not be saved on the VLE machine. One Aadhar Card can be printed only 10 times.

2.Pin code of resident which is mentioned on enrolment slip. is the password of downloaded e-Aadhar Card

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